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Peggy Welkner

It's time for complete wellness!

Equanimity with Peggy is a healing space where clients receive individualized instruction on how to achieve comprehensive and natural whole body wellness. Created through Peggy's passion and desire to simply help people feel better, here you will experience compassion, encouragement, and acceptance. Your journey to health will greatly benefit from the extensive knowledge achieved after many years of hard work, extensive training, teaching, and learning by Peggy Welkner.


Equanimity with Peggy is a boutique experience - a modern facility, conveniently located and equipped with new, state of the art equipment. It is accessible to all ages and levels of physical ability.


Equanimity with Peggy creates whole body healing and wellness by integrating two essential pillars and perspectives of health.

Physical - The practices of Pilates and Yoga create functional and therapeutic movement and reduce restrictions, limitations, and pain in the body. This allows clients to live richer, fuller, more active lives. 
Mental/Emotional/Spiritual - The practice of  Yoga Nidra meditation and breath-work helps clients achieve a higher quality of life by bringing balance,  ease, calm, and focus. This practice can help reduce anxiety, chronic pain, depression, high blood pressure, amongst many other proven and measurable benefits.


We are here to help you feel, look and live better and would be honored to serve your whole body wellness needs.

Schedule your first private Pilates/Yoga Session

Includes consultation, posture evaluation, and Pilates reformer workout.


50% OFF 


50% OFF


Free 13-Minute Meditation

Easy Yoga Pose with Extreme Health Benefits

Five minutes to relieve stress, anxiety, back pain, and more