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Peggy Welkner - My Story

At Equanimity with Peggy, I believe healing is accessible to everyone, regardless of age, physical limitations, or activity levels. I work with diverse populations, including special needs adults, seniors, adults, children, and Parkinson’s. In my studio, I create a specific, individualized plan for growth and recovery, based on each client's personal needs and goals. I use a holistic and creative approach and utilize various techniques, including physical movement and flexibility techniques, postural modifications, therapeutic interventions, breath-work, meditation, and visualizations. 


My teaching style is inspirational, compassionate, informative, safe, and fun! I have a great zest for learning and constantly work on increasing my knowledge and skills so I can better assist my clients. I truly feel my clients are my best teachers!


I am comprehensively trained through Balanced Body. I am a 500 hour Certified Yoga Instructor and meditation instructor. I have studied under many great leaders in the industry, including David Mooney (2nd generation Pilates), and Leslie Howard. I have been influenced by the teachings of many great experts in the industry, including Judith Lasater, Carole Westerman, Aadil Pakivala, and Doug Keller. I have completed Yoga training for a multitude of  techniques, including restorative, therapeutics, prenatal, Yin, pelvic floor, depression, and anxiety. I have extensively studied meditation and Yoga Nidra. 

I am extremely grateful to spend my days teaching my passions and assisting my clients on their journey to healthy living an enjoyable quality of life. I would love to meet with you and have you check out my studio!

Wishing you Ease and Peace,

Peggy Welkner

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Kali Gray

Meet Kali! She's a 600 hour Comprehensively Trained Classical Pilates Instructor.  Since discovering Pilates in 2012 post-physical therapy, she's made Pilates a part of her fitness regimen.  To further her knowledge of the Pilates Method and pursue sharing its benefits by instructing people she earned her Comprehensive Certification through Classical Pilates Education in 2018.  


Each session Kali plans is unique to the client, with a focus on breathing, centering and precision in a one-on-one setting.  Honoring Joseph Pilates' order and method is an integral part of every session plan while considering the clients individual needs.


During a private Pilates session, expect to move your body with Kali's instruction utilizing apparatus designed to strengthen the Powerhouse, develop mind-body awareness and connect to your breath.

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