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Yoga Studio in Olathe Kansas

Learn to Live in Harmony and Balance

This healing discipline builds strength and flexibility while teaching you how to relax and still the mind. You will learn to how to slow down, breathe deeply,  and become more mindful in this powerful practice.  This is a sdsmdsafe, gentle practice that can be modified to accommodate any level of age, fitness or health. 

Move through life from a state of peace, ease and calm

Schedule your first private Pilates/Yoga Session

Includes consultation, posture evaluation, and Pilates reformer workout.


50% OFF 


50% OFF


Private and Tandem Sessions Available
Equanimity with Peggy is a beautiful, modern facility equipped
with new, state of the art Pilates equipment.

Free 13-Minute Meditation

One yoga pose to relieve stress, anxiety, and back pain!

Legs Up The Wall

Legs Up The Wall

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The Healing Practice of Yoga! 

  • Increase flexibility and muscular strength

  • Improve balance and posture

  • Reduces stress and anxiety

  • Teaches relaxation and decompression skills

  • Develop mindfulness

  • Reduce physical pain

  • Improve respiration

and so much more!

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