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Yoga Nidra Meditation

Ready for Complete Relaxation and Healing?

Experience the life-changing benefits of Yoga Nidra meditation!  No more struggles with trying to quiet your mind  - Yoga Nidra does it for you! Yoga Nidra facilitates deep healing. All you need to do is lie down, relax, and let go. Get ready to experience pure bliss!

Schedule your first private Pilates/Yoga Session

Includes consultation, posture evaluation, and Pilates reformer workout.


50% OFF 


50% OFF


Private and Tandem Sessions Available
Equanimity with Peggy is a beautiful, modern facility equipped
with new, state of the art Pilates equipment.

Free 13-Minute Meditation

Meditate and Rest at the Same Time

Meditate and Rest at the Same Time

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Yoga Nidra - a Powerful Tool!

  • Reduce physical pain

  • Alleviate Anxiety/Stress/Depression/PTSD

  • Heal insomnia

  • Create positive change in your life

  • Increase intuitive skills

  • Facilitate deep relaxation and healing

  • Reverse bad habits

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